Window Sticker & Buyer's Guide Program

The Micro 21 Window Sticker & Buyer's Guide program is a fully functional windows inventory program. This program can be set up with any existing inventory program. With a click of a mouse, all existing inventory can be exported and imported into an existing program. Once the vehicles are transferred, the "Optional Equipment" screens will make it quick and easy to choose the equipment for each vehicle. The boxes can be used for general information, or pricing and payment quotes if needed.

The colors of the information boxes, as well as the outside borders can be changed to any combination you desire.

We can also preset a logo if you have one.

The buyers guides can be set up for every possible warranty option you may offer including time and mileage considerations.

The Window Sticker & Buyers Guide program can be your link to all other programs needing inventory information. Enter inventory one time and make it available to all other applications at the dealership. Print and sort inventory reports in any fashion you wish. Keep all departments informed with all the current inventory information. Send the inventory to the internet for web sales.

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