Credit Application Program

The Micro 21 customer management program is a 3 in 1 program designed to simplify the credit application, credit bureau and application faxing process.

Credit Application

The credit application section of the program holds all the information needed to create a complete customer application.

The applicant section holds the personal information with credit bureau authorization, current and previous address and property information.

The applicant work section holds the current and previous employment information including length of time, income and occupation. The applicant work section also holds the additional income and banking account information as well.

The co-applicant section is a duplicate of the applicant section with the ability to copy any applicable information which may be the same as the applicant's.

The vehicle information and dialog section allows entry for all the vehicle information and deal structure. This section also allows any free form dialog you may wish to send to your lender along with the application.

Credit Bureau

Once the credit application is complete and the authorization to pull a bureau is granted, click "pull bureau" and all the information needed to pull a bureau is sent to the bureau section.

The credit bureau section will allow applicant or co-applicant reports to be pulled.

Once the bureaus are complete, the information can be viewed or printed and saved in the customer library.

With our on-line credit application, your lenders may receive your applications along with a credit bureau directly into their PC. No need for messy e-mails. When a lender decisions a deal, the dealer receives the call back directly into their system, linked to the original application.


Once the credit application is completed and the credit bureau(s) pulled, the application can be faxed directly to the lender(s) with or without the bureau report. The faxing program comes with a lender connection directory where all the fax numbers are stored and accessed.

The Credit Application Program will greatly simplify the credit application process and help you maintain a complete customer information library.

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