Standard Finance / Lease Program

Your dealership must count on your finance office to contribute to the bottom line profitability. Our Standard Finance / Lease Program is designed to assist you in providing the necessary finance options for your customers as well as offering credit insurance, warranties and other after market products which are so important to your dealership's profit picture. After the financing is arranged the system will quickly and accurately process the necessary forms to complete the transaction.

Computation Features

All computation features are quality controlled to meet the specifications of each finance source, warranty source and state and federal regulations prior to being installed on your system.

  • Payment calculations that meet and match each of your finance sources.
  • Compute any payment frequency: Monthly / Semi-Monthly / Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Annual / Semi-Annual.
  • Finance / Lease Comparisons.
  • Multiple tax rates.
  • Complete and accurate finance disclosure.
  • Toggle between finance sources (Retail / Lease).
  • Any credit insurance option.
    • Multiple insurance rate selection.
    • Multiple insurance source options.
  • Eight payment roll options.
  • Postdate or predate deals.
  • Multiple after market products.
  • Deal storage and retrieval.

Dealer Definable Presets

These presets, when utilized, allow the user to complete all the finance information (retail or lease) within seconds. All presets may be overwritten on the fly, which allows for greater flexibility. These presets also allow the user to toggle between finance sources (retail or lease) without the need for re-entering information.

  • Assign presets for each finance source (retail or lease).
    • Rate
    • Term
    • Frequency
    • Etc.
  • After market products (price / cost / taxation).
  • Credit life and disability (any insurance option or combination).
  • Dealership and official fees.
  • Extended service contract (price / cost / taxation).
  • Sales tax rates.

Forms Processing

  • Bank forms
    • Mortgages
    • Leases
    • Worksheets
    • Etc.
  • Dealership forms
    • Buyer's Order
    • Invoices
    • Letters
    • Etc.
  • Insurance forms
  • Warranty forms
  • Government Forms
    • Titles
    • POA
    • Etc.

Managment Features

  • Administrative information.
  • Front-End Profit.
  • Back-End Profit.
  • Profit analysis.
  • Finance source analysis.
    • Track vehicle costs.
    • Track salesman information.
  • Credit insurance analysis.
  • Track penetration security.
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