Ohio Dealer

It is with great pleasure that I write how Micro 21 increased both our volume and profitability! Our average gross on a Secondary finance deal was $1400.00 per unit. We started using Micro 21 in January. We ended our year with an average gross of $1863.00 per unit. Also, our volume increased by 20%. We experienced very little funding problems due to the proper structuring of the deals in regards to the book-out and pricing of the deals. I highly recommend the Micro 21 program for anyone who is serious about Secondary financing.

Tom Orlando
Used Car Manager
Ganley Dodge West, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

Iowa Dealer

I switched to Micro 21 from one of their competitors. With Micro 21 there is no long term commitment. After an inexpensive installation fee, there is a small monthly subscription where I pay for only the systems that I need. It is cost effective and easy to use. As my business changes, Micro 21 helps me adapt to the market, yet I never pay for what I don’t need.

Aaron Logan
Moffits Inc.
Boone, IA

Indiana Dealer

After nearly a year of integration, this system has surpassed our expectations. The meshing of inventory, credit application and financing on every deal maximizes our profits. Micro 21 and their staff have made all this happen. We are very pleased."

Doug Hildebrand
Approval Auto Credit, Inc.
Martinsville, Indiana.

Ohio Dealer

Micro 21 has been providing us the best service and support for more than 7 years. We deliver cars knowing the finance and lease calculations are accurate, and the contract correct. Micro 21 is easy to use, the programs are customized to fit our needs, the support and service is top notch. Great producs and service for a very reasonable price.

Theresa Stratton
Stratton Chevrolet
Beloit, Ohio

Missouri Dealer

Dealers are tired of software companies that come and go. And they are tired of paying for expensive upgrades and changes that the others require. Micro 21 has been providing dealers with stable, consistent programs for 28 years. The programs are supported and upgraded monthly - all for a reasonable fee. Dealers don't pay for systems they don't use; the programs are customize to fit their needs. That means my lenders, my forms, my dealership! I know the calculations are correct, the forms are ready to go, and I've maximized my profit on every deal. No second guessing... stable and reliable... service and support... I choose Micro 21 every time!

Terry DeJarnette
Special Finance Trainer

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