Vehicle Inventory Program

This program completely integrates with the Standard Automotive Finance / Lease Program which gives the end user a great deal of flexibility. This program has detailed presets which may be used to speed the process of entering vehicles.


  • VIN verification.
  • User definable alpha field entries with detailed presets.
  • Definable vehicle conditions.
  • Definable vehicle sources.
  • Maintain appraisal values.
  • Maintain reconditioning costs.
    • Vehicle by vehicle or collectively.
    • Detailed presets.
  • Track floor plan interest.
  • User definable numeric field entries with detailed presets.
  • Definable presets based on other numeric fields or on your own equations.
  • Import and export capabilities.
  • Backup capabilities.
  • Detailed presets for standard vehicle information.
  • Definable user security.
  • Track all acquisition information for each vehicle.
  • Reporting capabilities.
    • Built in report generator
    • User definable reports.
    • Reports are inclusive of all vehicle information.
    • Output to screen, disk, or printer.
    • Store and modify report templates.

Valuation Options

These options are powerful enhancements to the Vehicle Inventory Program that, when added, can be included in reports.

  • Black Book vehicle valuations.
  • NADA Guide 2000 / NADA Official Used Car Guides vehicle valuations.

These valuations may or may not include high mileage adjustments as well as adds / deducts or other options that may affect the vehicle valuation. These valuations also allow the user to enter their own description and value (+ / -) options that may affect the vehicle valuation on a vehicle by vehicle basis.

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