Quick Quote (Special Finance)

With the Micro 21 Quick Quote (Special Finance) program, matching your inventory with your lender guidelines is a snap. All the system needs to search your inventory is a payment. If you have a solid call back from your lender, or you're just searching based on income ratio, enter the payment and Quick Quote will do the rest. Quick Quote has three integrated modules: Inventory, Lender Criteria, Customer Information.


The inventory module holds all of the vehicle information including cost and NADA / Black Book values. Ability to search on any parameter: color, car / truck, vin, etc. Your inventory will be updated monthly with the current NADA and BlackBook values via the internet.

Lender Criteria

The lender module holds the lender guidelines with all of the variations and levels offered. This module also contains an override section to tailor each call back individually for those lenders who may have adjustable programs.

Customer Information

The customer module allows the user to enter a payment for a quick search of the inventory to match the lender(s) desired. Once the lender(s) are selected, the system will search all of the vehicles in inventory that qualify for each lender plan selected and create a hit list of vehicles sorted by any parameter you choose.

Deal Structuring Options

Once the hit list appears, the most profitable vehicle will be highlighted. The user can scroll through the hit list and select a vehicle match. Once a specific vehicle is highlighted, there are many options from which to choose.

  • Print an administrative copy of the hit list with all of the details of the deal.
  • Print a customer copy of the hit list with just the vehicle information described.
  • Apply back end products to all vehicles listed.
  • Print a NADA book out sheet for each highlighted vehicle.
  • Print a Black Book book out sheet for each highlighted vehicle.
  • View all front end details for highlighted vehicle, such as, selling price, vehicle cost, acquisition fees, finance rate, term, amount financed and total profit.
  • View all back end details for highlighted vehicle.
  • View highlighted vehicle information.

Using these structuring options will assist the user in determining the best possible vehicle choices available in your inventory. The list can be created prior to or after a call back.

If the customer is already at the dealership and you want to show him or her vehicles, run a payment search based on income ratio and show them vehicles that will more than likely qualify if approved by your lender(s). Using the pre call back search will save time and increase your gross margin. (Remember you will show the most profitable vehicles every time). If the payment call is more or less than expected, run a new search with the solid payment call and restructure the list. It's that easy.

Additional Information

  • One low monthly subscription.
  • Inventory with NADA Values.
  • Programmed lender guidelines.
  • CDK and R&R inventory integration.
  • No long term commitment.
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