Microphone Toll Free Lead Generator

The Micro 21 Microphone Toll Free Lead Generator is a completely automated system used to attract customers applying for bank financing. Your system will be setup with a unique toll free phone number to use in your advertisements.

You can develop your own personalized scripts. View Sample

  • The voice for the script can be male or female.
  • Introduction message.
  • Up to 28 questions.
  • Ending message.

The prospective customers will call in response to your advertisements and be prompted to answer all the questions speaking clearly into the phone. They will not have to press any buttons to use our system. Once the script is completed, the customer will hear your closing message.

In minutes the customer information is converted and delivered to you, so you can begin to work the lead.

Once you have the lead, you have the option to print a hard copy, or transfer it to the integrated Credit Application Program.

Each lead is then automatically saved in a customer lead library. The library allows for coding to keep track of all customer activity.

With the Microphone Toll Free Lead Generator, every lead is sent in its entirety. There is no need to call into another system to hear the customer name and address. Also, there are no weekly charges for the use of the system. One low setup fee and one low charge per lead.

If you're not using the all voice response "Microphone" Toll Free Lead Generator you won't hear all that your customers have to say!

"Microphone" Answers... Right from the customer's mouth!

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