Buy Here Pay Here Program

The Micro 21 Buy Here Pay Here program facilitates the registration and payment collection of your accounts and furnishes you with the information needed to navigate your collections. It manages your exposure so you know where you're at on a collective as well as individual basis. This product will help you crack that profitability nut.


  • Rule of 78's or simple interest.
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly payments.
  • Up to 10 pick up payments.
  • Print any form.
  • Track all customers & payments.
  • Set late fees and times.
  • Partial payments with accurate calculations.
  • Back out and correct payments including NSF checks.
  • Complete amortization tables.
  • Track exposure on individual deals or the complete portfolio.
  • Attach sub accounts to loans.
  • Attach action warnings to loans.
  • Identify late payments.
  • Allows repossessions / reinstatements / redemption.
  • Over 20 reports.
    • Late payments.
    • Payment history.
    • Payments due today.
    • Cash on street.
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