Micro 21 has been in the business of providing superior finance systems, primarily for Automobile dealerships, for over 30 years. Micro 21 began providing these systems back in 1974 on programmable calculators. As the years have passed, Micro 21 stayed current with the new hardware and software platforms that were introduced.

Micro 21 has been successful over these 30 years because we have remained focused on our niche, providing superior finance systems, primarily for the auto industry. We accomplish this by remaining in close contact with the users of our systems. We stay in tune with the ever changing requirements needed by the systems that we provide.

Our systems are customized to meet the needs of the users.

As the banks that we deal with come out with specific nuances of their own, Micro 21 accommodates and expedites the request for these changes. You will find that our calculations and disclosures will always fall within Truth in Lending Guidelines.

Micro 21 has established very positive and strong relationships over the years, this is one of the contributing factors to our success and our presence. While nurturing our own success and presence in the industry we have always been uniquely positioned to observe and critique current and future trends in this ever changing industry.

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